We held our AIOPs 2020 workshop on 14 December 2020. In the peak, we had 52 participants, which is far more than expected. The organization was perfect, we didn’t have a single problem. We also run gather.town instance for a virtual social gathering on the side, so attendants can meet and talk.

Content-wise we had 28 submissions, 13 accepted papers, 24 senior PC members from 15+ countries. Five companies (Huawei, IBM, Amazon, Elasticsys, HCL) contributed papers as well. Also, this was beyond expectations, therefore the workshop program was a little bit full, but we still managed to have time for questions and discussions.

We had two of the most prominent AIOPs researcher worldwide as speakers for keynote talk: Prof. Dr. Dan Pei, Tsinghua University and Prof. Dr. Michael R. Lyu, Chinese University of Hong Kong. They gave excellent talks and we are looking for ways to establish some kind of friendly association with our joint labs. We plan a follow-up event in September / October in Berlin or Munich. We will invite the participants, PC members + other relevant people from industry and academia to a 2-3 day summit to discuss current issues and plan joint initiatives.

All in all, we are very happy with the day, the workshop, the organization, and the outcome. More information here: official webpage of AIOPS 2020.