On 22.02.2021 we held our Huawei TUB Innovation Lab kick-off meeting. It was our greatest honour to welcome the talks of the President of Technical University Berlin, Professor Christian Thomsen and the President Ronghua Zhong and the CTO Götz-Philip Brasche of the Huawei’s Munich Research Center during the first part of the event. Their talks were visionary showing the strong importance of the tight collaborations between universities and industry. Furthermore, they provided a broad overview of the development of the field of cloud computing as a key enabler of digitization and how Huawei and TUB are advancing these fields.

In the second part of the event, we had Prof. Dr. Odej Kao and Prof. Dr. Jorge Cardoso Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmid discussing their experience and vision for AIOps is an important component in the future challenges emerging with digitalization. They identified AIOps as a crucial technology that will lead to further improvements in the reliability of the distributed cloud systems.

From an organizational aspect, the event went smooth. We had around 68 participants in the pick of the event. We are thankful for having this opportunity to research, innovate and educate in the very important field of AIOps. We are very much open to collaboration with anyone interested in further advancements in the field. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us.