We are very happy to announce that we are organizing a workshop on artificial intelligence for software development and IT operations on our beautiful university campus at Technical University Berlin. We aim at gathering researchers from academia and industry to present their experiences, results, and work in progress in this field. Auto-instrumentation, open telemetry, deep learning techniques for software coding, testing on the fly and many other trends impact the process of software development, verification, and operation.

Our goal is to spend three days discussing the challenges in our field and create a community roadmap with topics to look for, which can help us and our PhD students to find orientation and collaboration opportunities.

To enable a direct and fruitful discussion, we aim for a selected number of participants. We envision five rounds of discussions, three hours each, on topics determined beforehand via voting. For each topic, we will invite 2-3 short introductory presentations to set the scene for the follow-up discussion. The last session will be devoted to further open questions and the next steps.

Tentative List of participants:

Surname Name Institution
Acker Alexander Logsight
Akirjau Rama IBM
Baser Akif Einar and Parthners
Cotroneo Domenico Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
Deputier Gaetan DataDog
Elmroth Erik Umea University
Gasthaus Jan Meta
Gerndt Michael Technical University Munich
Han Jiawei University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Hassan Ahmed E. Queens University
He Pinjia Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hoi Steven Salesforce
Januschowski Tim Zalando
Janzig Dominik Amazon
Ljungstrom Alexander Einar and Parthners
Lin Qingwei Microsoft
Lo David Singapore Management University
Lyu Michael Chinese University of Hong Kong
Natella Roberto Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
Natschl├Ąger Thomas Dynatrace
Park Yongsuk Amazon
Pei Dan Tsinghua University
Reinwald Berthold IBM
Sahoo Doyen Salesforce
Shang Weiyi Concordia University
Turlapati Ravi Oracle
Windisch Michael Bundesdruckerei
Xiang Chen University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Xie Tao Peking University
Zimmermann Thomas Microsoft
Zhang Dongmei Microsoft
Zhang Shenglin Nankai University

Event organizers:

Surname Name Institution
Kao Odej Technical University Berlin
Cardoso Jorge Huawei
Bogatinovski Jasmin Technical University Berlin